CBD from the creek trail south of Meridian. April 6, 2015.

Regarding Dandenong

Precinct F

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A response to a question at Monday's council meeting sheds a bit of light on how the council sees redevelopment progressing on the south side of the station:

Yes, the area referred to by Mr Lamaro is what is referred to as Precinct F under our Greater Dandenong Planning Scheme. It currently has industrial land use throughout that precinct but part of the revitalisation of Central Dandenong and our structure plan for activity centre sees that area converting over time to predominantly residential land use. At this point in time however we have had a number of property owners approach Council about potential opportunities to look at planning applications for residential development but it appears to date that the economics of that suggests that that is not currently viable. So in the interim, what we are doing is rather than have existing land owners having to have their industrial properties left vacant, we are, and it is permitted through the planning scheme to allow ongoing industrial uses. Any industrial use that is applied for is considered in the context of future residential use so we look at things like noise and dust and the type of activity that is likely to occur on those properties. We also don't permit any expansion of existing industry, so no buildings or businesses in that area can necessarily get bigger than they currently are. But as I said, we don't really want existing businesses to not be able to operate from that area because it could take a number of years before the economics stack up to actually make the conversion to residential feasible. We think the likely timing for that is probably towards the end of the full build out of the Metro Village estate where land is readily available and being offered to the market in a residential format. We will also be looking through our future capital investment program, we are particularly interested in the Dandenong Creek edge to that precinct because we think that is where conversion might logically occur first so we are looking at submitting an application to the future capital works program for landscaping and shared bicycle path/pedestrian path network improvements along that edge of the precinct. We hope that in time, that will then start to be a bit of a catalyst for private sector investment.
(Possible) Precinct F

Mosaic will have taken about 3 years to go from ready-to-proceed to complete. Given that there will be two more developments the size of Mosaic on Cheltenham Road, if they occur sequentially, it might take 6 years before we see anything happen in Precinct F (i.e. the industrial area surrounding Hammond Road).