CBD from the creek trail south of Meridian. April 6, 2015.

Regarding Dandenong

New ATO Building

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Crone Partners are the lead designers for the new $75 million Australian TaxOffice (ATO) in Dandenong, Victoria, to be developed by epc. Pacific throughout 2014/15.The campus style design includes 12,600m² of A Grade commercial office space distributed over 5 levels, state of the art “End of Trip” facilities for cyclists, basement car parking, and an activated retail perimeter at street level that promotes public engagement.

A description of the new ATO building by Crone Partners, who appear to be the designers. Accompanied by pretty pictures. Certainly looks like a stunning building that will have a huge impact on how the city looks from the station. Here's another picture from the council's website:

New ATO building, Walker Street side

One thing to note is that it looks as though there won't be much activation along either north-south route. No issue on the western side, which will be a laneway, but a little surprising on the eastern side. This side sits just north of Settler's Square, and is opposite the PEP building, another building which is also (necessarily) inactive. Not too much of an issue as it's a small stretch of road and it looks to be the main entrance to the tax office. It also helps that both the north and south end seem to provide views into the retail on Halpin Way and Walker Street. I assume they minimised retail here because of the relatively steep slope.