CBD from the creek trail south of Meridian. April 6, 2015.

Regarding Dandenong

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(Updated 23 August, 2015.)

Regarding Dandenong is an analytical look at and running commentary on the city of Dandenong written and maintained by me. My aim with this site is to understand how Dandenong works, how it can be improved and how it can be grown into a city proper.

Motivated by the very large changes being driven by Places Victoria (previously Vicurban) and the council, I recently became interested in the possibilities for Dandenong's evolution — though only from the comfort of my metaphorical armchair. I have no knowledge at all about civic matters or of civil design and engineering — my only connection with those topics is that, as a software developer, I've spent a lot of my time considering design and engineering in the context of software. Nonetheless, I have an interest in Dandenong that's similar to the interest many people (me included) have in following a sports team or a band or an artist or a political party and I thought it'd be worthwhile collecting those thoughts together somewhere that it might be useful to myself and others.

Note: Given that I will only be updating this site in my spare time, updates to this site may be pretty irregular. Then again, that makes it like most other blogs!

Contact Details: If you'd like to get in contact with me, you can send me a message. My (other) personal site is at voracity.org.

Site Header: The photo in the header was taken on the Dandenong Creek Trail, just south of Meridian, and near the intersection of Eastlink and the bypass. Here is a labelled version (click for larger version):

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